We booked a table and had lunch at the Auberge-Ravoux as part of a day trip from Paris to Auver-sur-Oise.  The Auberge Ravoux – also known as La Maison Van Gogh –  is the only place lived in by Van Gogh that still survives in its original state and his last home before his death.  The attic rooms of the Ravoux are still redolent of the spirit of the painter and The House of Van Gogh is what is known in French as a lieu de mémoire  (a place of historic association).

Staff in the restaurant are as welcoming to visitors today, as the staff were to guests  in 1890 and they have created the convivial ambience of artists’ cafés of bygone days.  This is a sketch I made whilst waiting for the bus to take us back to Paris.

There is a great app which can be downloaded, which gives an amazing amount of historic information about The Auberge and Vincent’s life.  All proceeds from the purchase will go towards an attempt to bring an original Van Gogh to the Auberge!