“For me as a painter, nature can be liberating and it’s beauty, a power”

“The significance of light and shade in creating an atmosphere, play an important part in my work.  I am particularly interested in the interplay of light between land and sea”.

In the Studio


Colin Carruthers was born in Antrim in Northern Ireland where he spent his early childhood. He completed a B.A. Honours Degree in Fine Art in 1997.  

His frequent trips to the coast and countryside have deepened his appreciation of the diversity and beauty of his surroundings.   His paintings often depict landscapes and seascapes which are intended to convey the ever-changing aspects of nature.


Current & Forthcoming Exhibitions

Seascape Paintings & Coastal Art

Forest Gallery Fine Art, Petworth, WEST SUSSEX

07/02/24 – 07/05/24

The Spring Collection

White Space Art, Totnes, DEVON

01/04/24 – 30/04/24

Three Person Show

The Albany Gallery, CARDIFF

28/06/24 – 20/07/24

available works

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